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Current Health Discussions

  • maryl

    patience with ourselves

    I have learned when things are down i am worn out and hate my life i need to find a way to be patient with myself...... Even when no one else takes notice i am there for myself and my friends here help so much support for ea...

  • liseth-raynie


    My doctor has me taking 4 300mg a day, I also have disc degeneration, spinal disorders, major depression, and anxiety, and can't lift over 10 pounds, gabapentin they say is suppose to help, but I still am in terrible pain, a...

    Anxiety Anxiety Depression Pain Gabapentin Migraine Disability Depression
  • fibrofunkgirl79

    my story

    Hey! I thought you might like this article: http://fibromyalgia.n...

  • fibrofunkgirl79

    tierd of being tierd

    Laying here while everyone sleeps so peacefully just sucks butt....having to move every minute sucks. Knowing if I do fall asleep I will be doing this again tommorow and it scucks

  • davie-navian


    I have been struggling with migraines for several years but can't get a handle on my triggers. Any suggestions?

  • kalamitycat

    Has anybody tried Naltrexone for Fibromyalgia??

    I did some research on fibromyalgia and Naltrexone is an off label treatment for the pain and disability. Apparently, it is cheap, easily obtained,and 4.5 mgs. seems to help fibromyalgia a lot. One cannot take any opiates wi...

    Fibromyalgia Pain VIVITROL Disability
  • rose

    Well I just started the

    Well I just started the Disability process this past week .I will only be working now 16 hrs per week at my job and going to stay in Scheduling office to setup tests and Prior Auths for medications for our patients and of cou...

    Hypothyroidism Hoarseness Laryngeal Voice Thyromegaly Swelling Disability
  • kalamitycat


    Hi all, The question I have is "Does Gabapentin work for fibromyalgia?" My doctor wants to increase my dose. I find that it makes me hungrier, and the last thing I need is to gain more weight. However, I am in so much pain...

    Fibromyalgia Pain Gabapentin
  • kansas

    Living with diabetes

    It has been a busy week. Tuesday we drove to Santa Rosa, 4 hours each way, for eye injections. Right eye still has too much blood blocking the retina. Until that clears enough to see the retina he can't do more laser treat...

    Diabetes Mellitis (Type II) Diabetes
  • maryl

    we get there

    We get there not because we are strong alone but because we know that we are not alone we stand together and number in the lots and lots I was denied my first time around too and as were many others it sucks it isnt fair why ...