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Current Health Discussions

  • orban-tefano


    How do you set your country or zip code

  • orban-tefano


    I can't add my country or zip code

    Attention Deficit Disorder
  • user1398363679

    God and Jesus

    God and Jesus our with you every day. Life is a challenge. Remember you are important. Change allows you to love yourself. Do not let anyone tear your life apart. Love your self, your family, neighbors and friends. It certain...

  • maryl

    Highland Games

    My grand daughter danced at the maxville highland games i am so proud of here she is only she is the sunshine in my day along with my grandson....They are my motivation to get through each day and try to be the best i can hop...

  • maryl

    A Beautiful Place

    For all my friends i just had to share this one it made me smile and helped me get through a very rough day .... Hope it does the same for you .... And when i see people sending hugs or comments because my posts have helped ...

  • kalamitycat

    Incontinence due to Mesh

    Hi all, A number of years ago I had surgery for stress incontinence. The doctor put in mesh and made a bladder sling. At the time I got by with some thin pads. Now, after the mesh was put in I have to be in full adult diap...

    Overactive Bladder Stress Incontinence
  • user1427596493

    hiv 1 and hiv 2

    What is the difference between HIV 1 and HIV 2 ?

  • nita47


    I have a rash on my hand and half way up my arm(right side). Flat then raised after being in the sun. What is it?

  • bbmiracle2

    Depression panic/anxiety

    I've been living with panic/anxiety and depression since I was 15 I am now 56 been on meds since I was 22

    Depression Depression
  • maryl


    Just some words that are meant to bring you support and strength on those nites that you are alone and feel like to world is ending remember there are many people here and in your life that love you and support you I for on...

    Loss of Strength