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Health Experiences

A few months ago my wife woke up and noticed blood in her urine. We became very afraid especially after looking in up on Google and reading about bladder cancer. She went to her general doctor who sent her to a urologist. She had an ultrasound, a CAT scan and a cystoscopy. Finally they found nothing wrong and the blood went away.


I have been having headaches for a long time and I never mentioned it to a doctor. Finally after I got health insurance i went to the doctor. She ordered an MRI of my brain and said everything was ok. Then she told me I had migraine headache and gave me a medicine called Imitrex. It works great for me.


My doctor said I have high cholesterol. My total cholesterol is 250 and my LDL is 185. So he said I need to take a medicine called Lipitor. I am afraid of side effects. I have read that some people get problems with their muscles and get pain from it.


My asthmatic symptoms have been relevant to my life and health since I was a child. The good thing is that the symptoms have improved after I reached adulthood, most likely due to certain lifestyle changes such as having a better diet and living space. My worst asthma was during my days of living in a small and unhealthy apartment.

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