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Current Health Discussions

  • lamardan2


    I've recently been diagnosed, I'm single, scared to death. taking my meds the right way. Just wish I had someone else to go through this with me. Very attractive , just don' feel like that so much any more. Would love to meet...

  • taj-rishav


    33 year old gay male . been poz since 2004 started meds in 2008 been undetectable since . over all been healthy just bits of flu here and there . small town living and working . got family and friends support . dating is anot...

  • lennon-haeden

    Been poz for several years.

    Been poz for several years. Sadly my depression and insecurities led me to befriend drug users. I was drugged and raped.

    Depression (Major Depression) Depression
  • bodi-rayhaan

    Pozitively Healthy!!!!

    I'm a 42 year-old poz male living in Illinois. I was diagnosed in November, 2004. I always made sure I kept track of my numbers, and to take good care of myself. I quit smoking, joined a gym, and started eating healthy. I...

    Quit Smoking
  • stewart-zohaib


    I've been HIV + since June of 1982.

  • lohoma


    Fibro sucks I'm so tired of it I could just cry @ times . Nothing helps, husband does not understand. After 18 yrs I have been to numerous Drs & numerous txs. HELP

    Fibromyalgia Fatigue
  • bertrand-yeico

    In need of friends

    I've been HIV+ for 2yrs now and I've only told 3 of my closes friends because two of them are pos also. I don't really have a physical person that's living close to me that I can spend time with and discuss how I feel daily....

  • rayden-chistopher

    I have been HIV+ for

    I have been HIV+ for 23 years on April 15,2015. Happy Tax Day and with your return you are HIV+. Can't complain I'm undetectable and 580 CD4. I'm pretty healthy physically, I do suffer from anxiety and depression but I take ...

    Anxiety Depression (Major Depression) Anxiety Depression HIV
  • dandre-devlin

    I'm a 35 yr old

    I'm a 35 yr old male. Ive been HIV positive for about 8 yrs now. I'm in great health and I'm still currently undetectable. I have a high cd4 count no viral load. I work out daily , take my meds daily and try to keep this thin...

  • reaghan-falicity

    Recently became hiv positive

    Recently tested positive for hiv