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Current Health Discussions

  • maryl


    Dont ever underestimate the power of a gentle hug we all need them and we all need to give them On a really bad day i stop and sit on the floor no mater how hard it is and i call my dog virgil over and i give him a warm snugg...

  • understanding-pain

    Feeling extremely frustrated

    With life. My pain. Since I've moved to florida my pain has gotten worse, I still haven't met a doctor that is helping me at all. I wanted to talk to my pain management doctor this Thursday but he cancel my appointment, and...

  • maryl

    if you need a hand

    If you need a hand reach out to me, i will hold your hand, and if i need a hand i will reach out to another and they will hold my hand and on and on conclusion We are never alone and as a group we are strong So reach out to m...

  • maryl


    Remember no matter the pain,the tired of being tired of being in pain, No matter what the world thinks......We think we are all special and we are ... Cant do it today theres always tomorrow or the day after next week next ye...

    Pain Fatigue
  • suburbantexan

    Change of life.

    Many of you know that my husband David is in hospice care. No hope for recovery. Soon I will be a widow. Like to here from those who have lost a spouse. Coping but weeping off and on all day. Tips needed. Stories welcome. Sub...

  • suburbantexan

    My #fibrojourney

    After 39 years of marriage I will be soon a widow. My brave husband David, is currently in hospice care. I will be gone for a while. In The Texas hill country will be my refuge. A cabin in the woods near a pond will be where ...

  • maryl

    self advocacy

    well depression has been my constant companion now for a while. I have been really struggling this time. I have been staying housebound because i know no one in this town . my self care has been lacking just overall falling a...

    Depression (Major Depression) Depression
  • oncesavedforeversaved

    Kagen Water Myth or Miracle

    More than just wasting money, alkaline water could also wreck your health. According to Dr. Mercola, “If you fall for this 'water fad' you could do some major damage.”


    I was always active until I had to face 7 surgeries within an 18 month period. That really slowed me down. Fast forward to my RA diagnosis. I hurt all the time, and just working in my yard and garden has brought about a fl...

    Depression (Major Depression) Rheumatoid Arthritis Depression Foot Pain Knee Pain Pain Exercise More
  • koalafan

    Types of arthritis

    Can a person have RA and OA at the same time? How would one know if one had both?

    Osteoarthritis Rheumatoid Arthritis Arthritis