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Articles > I never leave home without my _ [advice on going out with Crohn's and UC]

I never leave home without my _ [advice on going out with Crohn's and UC]

When you have a digestive disorder, heading out with peace of mind is priceless, and these people ought to know: They_ve found the must-take items that allow them to enjoy any outing.

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... open
Patient: Pop star Anastacia
Diagnosis: Crohn's
'Bottling things up fuels the symptoms of Crohn's," says the singer, who has been living with the
disorder since age 13.
"I have had to learn not
to be frightened of
.. sense of
Patient: Comedian Ben Morrison
Diagnosis: Crohn's disease

'Not everything has to be viewed through
a veil of shame," says funnyman Ben, who's
taking on Crohn's
in Pain in the Butt,
his long-running come-
dy show. "I believe that
not fearing it and
address?ing it in a
funny way prevents
Crohn's from winning.'
... change of clothing "
Patient: Raymond Castiglione
Diagnosis: Ulcerative colitis

"There was a time when I wouldn't stray 20 minutes away from my home. But I realized, I couldn't let my condition control me! Whenever I leave the house, I carry a small bag with a change of undergarments and protective underwear liners. Nowadays I've stabilized my condition with diet adjustments, but emergencies can happen!'
... emergency
Patient: Bonnie Sessums
Diagnosis: Crohn's disease/
Ulcerative colitis
'Whenever I leave the house, I tuck an extra ostomy appliance and acid-reducer tablets in my bag. I feel safe knowing I'm prepared in case of an emergency if I'm out of the house all day. Sometimes I won't
know what or when I'll be eating, so it's important to have acid-reducer tablets available."
Crohn's Disease Ulcerative Colitis Pain Pain in the Butt Lose Weight

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