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Articles > Just one or two of these ideas can help make your days with diabetes easier

Just one or two of these ideas can help make your days with diabetes easier

6 tips and tricks that can make your everyday life easier

Health Monitor Staff

Provided by HealthMonitor

1- Ditch itching! Some medications can make your skin extra-itchy. If it’s a problem for you, try a moisturizer with menthol—the coolness can help bring relief. And if the problem persists, discuss it with your healthcare provider.

2- Count carbs on the go. Download the free Calorie Counter or Arawella FoodMeter apps, which provide the nutritional facts on thousands of food items.

3- Outsmart food obsessions. Instead of fretting about whether you can eat a specific food, focus on your ultimate goal: keeping your blood sugar level steady. Putting things in perspective can make management easier.

4- Correct blood sugar dips—the skinny way! Exercise, eat right and still can’t figure out why you’re gaining? Consider how you treat hypoglycemia episodes. If you correct them with candy, soda or even orange juice, those extra calories can add up. Instead, talk to your healthcare provider or diabetes educator about low-cal options or glucose tablets for a fast fix.

5- Moms, Dads, you can plan a date night! If your child has diabetes and you’re worried about leaving him in someone else’s care, check out safesittings.com. The website matches parents nationwide with babysitters who have type 1 diabetes, which means they will already know how to tend to your little one’s needs.

6- Pack smart. If you’re flying somewhere, pack your insulin in your purse, a carry-on or in two separate bags and take more than you need. That way, if a bag is lost en route, you’ll have the other as a backup.
Note: Never stow your insulin in a bag you’ll be checking; it may freeze in the baggage compartment during the flight and become useless.
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