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5 ways to treat screen strain

Does this sound familiar? You_ve been chained to your desk, staring at a computer for eight hours straight. Your eyes feel strained, and your head is starting to ache.

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Stop! You may be one of 70% of Americans suffering from a temporary condition known as computer vision syndrome (CVS). It happens when you stare at the computer for too long. Symptoms include blurry vision, headaches, and strained, dry or tired eyes.

Fight computer vision syndrome with these simple steps.

1 Follow the two-foot rule
Sit about 25 inches away from your
computer and tilt the screen to allow
you to look down as you work.

2 Get rid of the glare
Glare from overhead lighting and
the sun can reflect off your screen and
contribute to eyestrain. Dim the lights around your workspace or turn them off. Use shades, blinds or curtains to avoid direct light, and consider getting an attachable anti-glare screen.

3 Take breaks
Every 20 minutes, look 20 feet across the room for at least 20 seconds so that you are activating your distance vision. Remember to blink often and build in mini-breaks, where you can get away from your desk or even close your eyes for a quick snooze. P.S.: Deep breathing also helps relax the eye muscles.

4 Check your prescription
'Make sure that you are prescribed the lowest prescription nearsighted glasses or the highest prescription farsighted glasses that you can tolerate for distance," says Sandy Feldman, MD. "This will make near tasks easier for you to adjust to, and your eyes won't have to strain because your glasses are too strong.'

5 Moisturize
Staring at a computer screen in an office with central air-conditioning can lead to dry eyes. The fix: artificial tears, a desktop humidifier and remembering to look away and blink.
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