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My neurologist asked me to keep a journal

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One day, when she was in her 20s, Amy had a severe migraine while at her office. "My vision got really distorted and I had vertigo," she remembers. "I was very nauseous for the rest of the day. But because it didn't happen again, I didn't think it was anything to worry about."

Flash forward to her mid-30s, shortly after the birth of her second child, and Amy'now 40 and living in Providence, RI'was suddenly suffering from migraines nearly every other day. She had symptoms such as extreme head pain plus nausea, keeping her bedridden for 24 hours at a time. Amy saw a neurologist, who immediately set out to identify her triggers. "He asked me to keep a journal, and I discovered that, for me, it was really about sleep hygiene," she says. "My toddlers used to wake me up so often in the night. I would awaken with a low hum of a headache that increased as the day went on. I also napped with my second child, and often woke up feeling worse," she explains. Everything changed when Amy put herself on a sleep schedule. "When I went to bed and got up at the same time every day and stopped taking naps, my migraines got much better," she says.

Amy's doctor also suggested she reduce her caffeine intake to a single cup of coffee in the morning. After doing so, Amy really noticed a difference. Red wine is another trigger she avoids. "I still get migraines maybe once a month or every six weeks," she adds. "I think hormones may play a role in these; they seem to be tied to my period."

By managing her sleep and other triggers, Amy feels like she's brought her migraine troubles under control. "I've discovered what works for me.'
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