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Get more out of life!

Migraines can stir up emotions that intensify your pain. Here_s how to stop the suffering and enjoy every day.

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When you're struggling with pain, you may have to cancel plans or leave tasks for another time'and that can make you feel guilty. "Socializing is difficult because I feel awful, and it upsets me because a lot of people hear the word migraine and think, Oh, take two aspirin and stop complaining!" says Eileen Albert, 52, a registered nurse who has suffered from chronic migraine for nearly 20 years and is currently on medical leave from work. "They don't understand how much this affects every aspect of my life.'
Feel-good strategy: Go easy on yourself. Give yourself permission to take care of yourself, even if it means changing your plans. "Tell your family and friends how they can help you manage your headaches," advises Dawn C. Buse, PhD, director of behavioral medicine at the Montefiore Headache Center in New York City.

Worrying about when the next flare-up is going to strike and how bad it will be can make anyone anxious. You may feel irritable, restless or keyed up, unable to relax, have difficulty concentrating or have trouble sleeping. "I'm afraid I won't be able to return to work or have a normal life again," says Eileen.
Feel-good strategy: Exercise gently'and regularly. Practicing yoga, biking or walking can activate feel-good brain chemicals. "Riding a bike and doing yoga helps me relax and stay hopeful," says Eileen.

You may feel sad or hopeless, and you may have trouble concentrating, insomnia and irritability.
Feel-good strategy: De-stress. Try relaxation exercises. "Taking deep breaths has helped me change my reaction to stressful situations, which has improved my depression and headaches," says Ed Chambers, 57, a chronic migraine sufferer.

Mention any signs of depression to your healthcare provider. "Your outlook is better if you're being treated for your mood issues and your headaches," says Sara Gomez, PsyD, a psychology resident at the Jefferson Headache Center in Philadelphia.
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