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The right doctor makes all the difference!

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About six years ago, Salt Lake City native Emily Harris, 38, had a life-changing encounter. During a volunteer stint with the National Psoriasis Foundation, she met Kristina Callis Duffin, MD, a dermatologist who specializes in psoriasis. "We just clicked. I felt connected with her right away," says Emily, who has been dealing with the condition for decades.

At one point, psoriasis plaques covered more than 75% of her body. And they weren't just itchy, they were so painful she was forced to stay home for three months. Today, all that is behind her, and her relationship with Dr. Callis Duffin gets much of the credit: "One of the greatest things about her is she truly cares about her patients. I never feel rushed," says Emily, an underwriting assistant at a Salt Lake City radio station.

Another plus about Dr. Callis Duffin: Because she specializes in psoriasis, she's up-to-date on all the latest research and medications, says Emily. In fact, with Dr. Callis Duffin's help, she experimented with many treatments before finally finding one that works for her. "You need a doctor who's willing to try new things. If something isn't working, don't stick with it. Move on to something else.'

The hard-won lesson isn't just benefiting Emily, but her 13-year-old daughter, Kate, who was diagnosed with psoriasis five years ago. "I did my research and found a pediatric dermatologist who knew exactly how to help her," she says. "I didn't want her to go through what I did, and now she's on a medication that's really helping her. Finding the right doctor makes all the difference in treating this condition.'
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