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Articles > Relax! You may not have to give up Fido and Fluffy

Relax! You may not have to give up Fido and Fluffy

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Is your pet making you sneeze and wheeze? You're not alone'approximately 15% to 30% of people with allergies react this way to cats and dogs. But if you just can't give up your four-footed friend, check out our breathe-easy home section on page 6 and take these extra steps:
Turn your bedroom into a
fluff-free zone. Just close your door! If your dog is used to sleeping in your room, train him to snooze elsewhere by setting up a dog bed in another room. Line it with a blanket that has your scent on it and praise him with a treat for settling into his new spot. It should take a few weeks for him to get used to his new routine.

Delegate. Ask someone without a pet allergy to brush your pet outdoors to remove dander, and to clean the litter box or cage.

Condition his coat. Follow a shampoo with a conditioning or moisturizing treatment, which helps prevent the accumulation of dander. It also prevents tangles, so combing his coat won't release as much dander.

Put him on a low-dander diet. Ask your vet about foods that may limit the amount of dander your pet produces'oily foods, for example, help moisturize dry skin so when the fur does fly, you might not have to run from the room!

Cover the vents. Forced-air heating and air-conditioning spread airborne pet allergens around. To minimize exposure, install HEPA filters, clean them at least twice a month and cover vents with a fine mesh screen (like cheesecloth).

Always wash your hands after petting your four-footed companion!
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