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Get to the bottom of sugar highs

Tear-out tool to help find out why your blood sugar is off the charts, even though you think you"re doing everything right

Health Monitor Staff

Provided by HealthMonitor

Think you’re doing everything right, but your blood sugar readings are still off the charts? Look for clues in these key areas, and discuss your findings with your healthcare team. Some everyday adjustments—or maybe a switch in medication—may be the answer.

Life changes can affect readings. Don’t forget to share the info with your healthcare team.

Your diet
Ask yourself…
• Have I been eating my meals at different times each day?
• Have I been paying less attention to my portions?
• Have I been eating new or different foods? If yes, what are they?
•Have I been eating more high-fat foods? If yes, what are they?

Your daily routine
Ask yourself…
• Have I made any big changes lately? (gotten a new job, gotten married or divorced, moved, etc.?)
• Have I made any smaller changes? (stopped meeting my friends at the mall, quit the choir, etc.?)

Your activity level
Ask yourself…
• Am I watching more TV than usual?
• Have I started a new exercise program?
• Have I been exercising more or less than usual?

Your medication
Ask yourself…
• Have I been taking the right dosages?
• Have I been storing my insulin or other medications at the right temperature?
• Has my insulin or other medication expired?
• Does my insulin look normal?

Your overall wellness
Ask yourself…
• Have I been feeling tired or sluggish?
• Have I had a virus, infection or other illness?
• What has my mood been like lately? (stressed, depressed, content, etc.?)

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