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Are your goals up to date?

A tool/checklist to help you determine if your diabetes-management goals are up to date.

Health Monitor Staff

Provided by HealthMonitor

Not only are your diabetes-management goals individual, but they may change over time. That’s why it’s good to review them with your healthcare team. Take this assessment to see how your current plan is working for you, then ask your healthcare provider the questions on the next page.

1. How would you rate the difficulty of meeting your daily blood sugar goals?
a. It’s been very easy to meet my goals.
b. It’s challenging, but I manage.
c. It’s been very hard for me to meet my goals.

2. When you reach your blood sugar and A1C goals, do you ever feel (check all that apply):
-Extremely hungry

3. After taking your meds or insulin, do you feel (check all that apply):
-Extremely hungry

4. Do you feel reaching your blood sugar goals has gotten easier or more difficult over time?
a. Easier
b. It’s stayed the same
c. More difficult

5. After exercising, you feel:
a. Great—I feel energized and happy!
b. I don’t feel any difference.
c. I’m exhausted

6. How satisfied are you with your eating plan?
a. I’m very satisfied.
b. Sometimes it’s boring, but I manage.
c. I find my diet unsat­isfying, and I’m often tempted to cheat.

7. How much of an impact does managing your diabetes have on your life?
a. Not much of an impact.
b. Sometimes it gets in the way of my life, but I usually find a way around it.
c. It’s a huge obstacle in my life.

Share the answers you gave with your healthcare provider, then ask the following:
1. What’s a realistic target blood sugar level for me …When I first wake up, right after a meal, two hours after I eat, after excerising, before bed
2. Do I need a new target A1C level or is my current one still okay?
3. What is a realistic goal weight for me? How much should I weigh at my next exam?
4. What should my target cholesterol numbers be?... Total, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides
5. What should my blood pressure goal be?
6. How many hours per week should I exercise?
7. Do I need to consider a different or additional diabetes medication, or insulin?

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