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Articles > Fighting office sugar cravings; numb lips & hypoglycemia

Fighting office sugar cravings; numb lips & hypoglycemia

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Fight cravings at the office
Q. My co-workers often bring sugary snacks to the office. How can I resist temptation?
A. This is certainly a challenge for people who try to eat healthfully. On one hand, you don’t want to send your blood sugar levels soaring. On the other, you don’t want to feel singled out by refusing offers. Try to get comfortable saying “no thank you.” When socializing with co-workers, drink a calorie-free beverage, which may help reduce your cravings. Ask yourself: Is this something that my body needs? If my body doesn’t need it, then why take it? If your mouth won’t stop watering, eat (and savor!) half of a cookie or sliver of cake. Sometimes cravings won’t subside until you have a small serving. Plus, you don’t want to be distracted by thinking about food all day at work!—Nanette Steinle, MD, assistant professor, University of Maryland School of Medicine; interim chief, endocrine and diabetes section, Baltimore Veterans Administration Medical Center.

What's happening to my mouth
Q. Sometimes my lips and the tip of my tongue go numb. Could this be related to my diabetes?
A. These can be subtle symptoms of low blood sugar. The next time it happens, check your level. If the reading is low, see if the sensation clears spontaneously or try eating a small amount of carbohydrates. If the problem persists, discuss it with your healthcare provider. —Fred Whitehouse, MD, division of endocrinology and metabolism, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit.
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