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You can eat whatever you want

Words of wisdom from diabetes experts-"you caneat whatever you want!"

Nina Ngai

Provided by HealthMonitor

“You can eat whatever you want!”

Patient: Carrie Brewer
Diagnosis: Type 2
Residence: Chicago

Certified diabetes educator: Sheila Harmon, MSN, APN, CDE, Access Community Health Network, Chicago

How it helps me
One of the most important things Sheila taught me is that you can still eat what you like, as long as the portion is controlled. I still eat cheeseburgers, but now I’ll cut them in half. And instead of filling up a fourth of my plate with French fries, I’ll have only a couple. If I’m having mashed potatoes, I’ll settle for half a scoop, as opposed to heaping two scoops onto my plate. I’ve also learned that even if I’m not hungry, I should eat a little bit at meal or snack time so I don’t “pig out” later in the day. By making these little changes, I’ve lost 15 pounds, I can walk farther and I feel great!

Why it works
When you have diabetes you can’t metabolize carbohydrates as quickly as people without the disease. But that doesn’t mean you have to cut out all the foods you love—you can enjoy anything as long as you control your portions. I like to ask my patients what they like to eat and then work from there. We can figure out alternative methods of cooking their favorites and calculate portions. The key: Meals should be prepared so that two hours after eating, your blood sugar levels are under 180 mg/dl.
Diabetes Mellitis (Type II) Diabetes

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