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Articles > How chef Art Smith conquers type 2 diabetes

How chef Art Smith conquers type 2 diabetes

Chef Art Smith conquers diabetes; Oprah_s personal chef shares the strategy that took off 122 lbs_and tamed type 2 diabetes

Melba Newsome

Provided by HealthMonitor

A whole life makeover is this chef's recipe for success. Art Smith was living a chef's dream. He had been Oprah's personal chef, won two James Beard awards, wrote a best-selling cookbook and owned two critically acclaimed restaurants, Art & Soul in Washington, DC, and Chicago's Table Fifty-Two. He became a bona fide celebrity after a breakout appearance on Top Chef Masters.
But despite his success, Art wasn't happy. He weighed 325 pounds and had developed type 2 diabetes, the disease that killed his father. "I knew if I didn't take care of myself, I wouldn't be cooking very long!" says Art.
So at 49, he vowed to be fit and fabulous by his 50th birthday. With the help of a personal trainer, Smith changed his lifestyle and his diet. Eighteen months later, he has
completed two marathons, gotten a handle on his diabetes and shed 120 pounds! How'd he do it? Read on!

'Take a good, hard look Knowing he'd need a little tough love to change, Art hired Az Ferguson, author of The Game On! Diet as a coach. But before making a single suggestion, Ferguson spent two weeks observing what Art ate and his activity level. "I would eat peanut butter sandwiches thinking they were healthy, but I would eat three!"
Why it works Many people aren't aware of their food intake, but you don't need to hire a coach to keep track. Just write down what you eat. Doing so can double your weight loss, according to a study from Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research.

" Stop skipping meals "Chefs have this bad habit of skipping meals then eating and drinking too much late at night. Az taught me that it's important to have lots of little meals, starting with breakfast," says Art.
Why it works Researchers at the University of Massachusetts found people who skip breakfast are 4.5 times more likely to be obese, while those who start their day with a healthy meal are better able to dodge bad-for-you foods later on. Plus, a study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that eating small meals every three hours helps the body better use insulin.

" Move to the groove! "I exercise for an hour about five days a week," says Art. He's become such a devotee of the gym, that he even holds "treadmill" meetings: "Believe me, honey, 30 minutes on a treadmill weeds out those who really want to see me, and those who don't."
Why it works Exercise helps control type 2 diabetes by improving the body's use of insulin and reducing body fat'not to mention the added benefits of less stress and a healthier heart!

" Hit the sack "I stopped drinking diet soda and cut back on coffee because I wasn't getting enough sleep," says Art, who was known to go through a case of cola a day! "Now, I get eight hours and have more energy."
Why it works A study in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that when dieters cut back on their sleep, only one-fourth of their weight loss came from fat. They also felt hungrier, since sleep loss increased levels of ghrelin, a hormone that triggers hunger and reduces energy expenditure.

" Eat something else! "I cooked all of these low-fat foods for other people but never took it on board for myself before," says Art, who's famous for his down-home dishes like fried chicken, mac 'n cheese and hoecakes. "Now I drink plenty of water, eat oatmeal or Greek yogurt with fruit for breakfast and some type of salad with protein for lunch. I snack on raw almonds instead of potato chips. I love fresh fruit'I'd never eaten apples before!"
Why it works Ditching junk food and getting more of your calories from unprocessed nutrient-rich foods like nuts, fruits, veggies and whole grains is not just a key to weight loss, but also to better health: A 2011 European study found that consuming an extra daily serving of fruits and vegetables shrank the risk of fatal cardiovascular disease by 4%.

"Why is losing weight such a big deal if I have diabetes?" Excess fat makes the body resistant to insulin, causing a buildup of blood sugar that sets the stage for diabetes. But losing weight and exercising can help increase your body's sensitivity to insulin. In fact, a National Institutes of Health study found the combo can cut your diabetes risk by 58%! Already have diabetes? Losing just 5% to 10% of your weight can lower blood sugar levels and may even help you cut back on insulin.

WEB EXTRA! Whip up Art Smith's favorite diabetes-friendly recipe: Whole-grain pilaf! Find it at HealthMonitor.com/pilafrecipe
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