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"Insulin changed my life"

Reluctant to go on insulin, Rona Blum is now grateful for the energy it’s given her.

(as told to) Norine Dworkin-McDa

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Going on insulin gives many people with diabetes pause. Yet, as Rona Blum, 46, a jewelry designer from New Rochelle, NY, found, taking the leap can give
you a new lease on life: I was 24 when I was diagnosed with diabetes. Until that point, I got awards for not missing a single day of school. Then within a month, I lost 25 pounds, my vision deteriorated, and I was drinking and urinating nonstop!
When my doctor suggested insulin, I panicked. I thought it meant I was really sick. Plus, I had to face my fear of needles. My whole family started doing dummy shots to show me how easy it was! But I just couldn’t do it. I wanted to try medication first. So for a year, I took medication and exercised.
There was just one problem: It wasn’t working. I had to use syringes. At first, I always had to try a few times before the needle would go in. And it seemed like a lot of work: My blood sugar would be too high, then too low. At times, I still felt sick.
Eventually I learned to manage my insulin a lot better, and now my blood sugar is more steady, so I don’t feel sick anymore. If I’m tired, it’s because I’m actually tired. If I’m thirsty it’s because I’m thirsty, not because my blood sugar is high. And if I’m irritable it’s because I’m irritable, not because my blood sugar is low. These days, I’m very physically active. I’m in great shape. You’d never believe I was sick!

Have type 2 diabetes? You may need insulin if…You’re watching your diet, exercising, taking your medication and are still not able to reach your A1C goal (the American Diabetes Association recommends an A1C of 7% or below). If you have concerns, talk to your healthcare provider.
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