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Build your migraine kit

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If you suffer from migraines, build a personalized migraine kit'ready at a moment's notice to come to your aid should a severe headache strike. Consider keeping a kit in your desk at work and pack one for the car. Of course, have
one handy at home. Here is a list of what a migraine kit could contain:

1. Your treatment strategy. This is a note to yourself about what worked and what didn't work during previous migraine attacks. When you're in the throes of pain, you might not recall the very tips that could help you now'so write everything down beforehand.

2. A bottle of water. Dehydration can lead to headaches; you'll also need it to take your migraine medication.

3. Migraine medication, including prescribed medicines and over-the-counter drugs, plus antinausea medication, if needed. Make sure that all medications are up to date. Never take expired medication.

4. Positive affirmations. Make a list of positive ideas to talk yourself down from stress and other triggers that you have difficulty controlling. Examples: "I am healthy, and this will pass soon." "I am comfortable and relaxed." "There is nothing going on at work that is more important than my health." "I can handle anything." "I am stronger than this headache.'

5. A cold compress or pack, which can help your throbbing head

6. An eye mask to shield your eyes from light

7. Relaxation techniques, printed out and ready to review. A few examples include: breathing rhythmically and deeply, to slow down your mind and body; muscle relaxation that focuses on one muscle group at a time, tensing each area for a moment and then releasing all tension from that part of the body; and a mental "escape" through visualization, maybe picturing yourself on a tropical beach, imagining the sound of waves lapping against the shore.

8. Your doctor's business card, in case you need to call your physician before or during an attack

9. Soothing music or nature sounds ready on your iPod or portable CD player, if this helps you relax

10. A small pillow, which could come in handy for resting
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