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Q&A tips for happier, healthier, children

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Q My son is 3 months old, and I'm wondering when I'll know he's ready to transition from bottle to cup?
A At around 6 months old, your baby will probably start grasping the bottle in his hands and bringing it to his mouth'a sign that he has full control of his neck and torso. It's also a sign that you can introduce a "sippy cup" with a lid and a spill-proof valve. It's a great
way to teach him how to drink without making a mess and an easy way to transition to an open cup.
Tip: 6- to 9-month-olds love to imitate their parents, so pretend you're drinking from the sippy cup, too. Also, let your baby chew on the spout, grasp the handles and bang the cup
around'this is all part of normal exploring for babies this age. One final note: Your baby should be completely weaned off the bottle by 15 months; prolonged bottle use is a risk factor for cavities, ear infections and speech delay.
'Abby Geltemeyer, MD, assistant professor of pediatrics, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth)

Q We just found out my 9-year-old daughter has asthma. Is it safe for her to play sports?
A Yes'as long as her asthma is well controlled. So make sure you work with her allergist or pulmonologist to identify any triggers and find the treatment that will enable her to be physically active. Which sport to choose? That depends on your daughter's interests'as well as her level of asthma control. So come up with a list and get the doctor's okay before signing up. If your daughter coughs, wheezes, is short of breath, fatigues quickly or faints during physical activity, see the doctor'those are signs that her asthma is not under control and it may not be safe for her to participate.
'Dat Tran, MD, assistant professor of pediatrics, Division of Pediatric Research Center, Division of Allergy/Immunology/Rheumatology, UTHealth

Q My 5-year-old son snores like a grown man! I'm concerned it could be sleep apnea. But isn't he too young for that?
A While this could simply be allergies, a young child who snores loudly may indeed have "obstructive sleep apnea," a sleep disorder associated with cessation of breathing, poor oxygen delivery to organs and disruption of normal sleep patterns. Common causes include overgrowth of the tonsils and obesity. It's a good idea to mention the snoring to your pediatrician'he'll likely do an exam and if he has any concerns, he may refer your child to a pediatric sleep specialist. You're right to want to get to the bottom of the problem: If untreated, poor sleep quality could result in behavior problems, poor school performance, high blood pressure and even diabetes.
'Raanan Arens, MD, professor of pediatrics, chief, Division of Respiratory and Sleep Medicine, Children's Hospital at Montefiore, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York City
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