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Articles > Words of wisdom from your dermatologist: _Watch your alcohol intake!_

Words of wisdom from your dermatologist: _Watch your alcohol intake!_

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Patient: Paul Tgzes
Age: 57
Residence: New Egypt, NJ

At one point, psoriasis covered more than 75% of my body, and I knew I had to change something! I was drinking alcohol nearly every day and wondered if eliminating it would make a difference. When I stopped drinking, my psoriasis improved dramatically! I look and feel better, and I was even able to go outside in shorts during the summer. It felt great to give up the long pants and long-sleeved shirt I usually wore to cover up the patches!

Dermatologist: Jerry Bagel, MD, dermatologist, Windsor Dermatology, East Windsor, NJ

Alcohol opens up blood vessels and increases the number of white blood cells in your body, which can cause psoriasis plaques to become redder and harder to treat. What's more, alcohol can be unsafe when mixed with certain drugs used to treat psoriasis. While it's okay to have the occasional glass of wine at dinner, more than a couple drinks a week could worsen psoriasis. Speak to your dermatologist if you're concerned that alcohol is affecting your condition; he or she might recommend cutting back or eliminating it from your diet altogether.
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