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Managing Your Psoriasis

Making decisions about how to deal with your psoriasis may not be easy. But new treatments do give you more options than ever before. The key is figuring out what_s most important to you and then gathering all the medical expertise, emotional support and personal perseverance you need to make change happen.

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If you have psoriasis, chances are you've been living with it for a while. You already know it's unpredictable: It gets better or worse for no apparent reason, and may clear up in one area only to appear elsewhere on you body. Your skin may make you feel so self-conscious that you routinely cover your arms and legs. If it affects your hands or feet, everyday activities, like using a computer or walking may be uncomfortable. It may even make you shy away from intimate relationships.

Treating psoriasis can seem difficult, too. You may have tried therapies that were time-consuming, messy and expensive'only to find that they didn't work for you, or that they stopped being effective after a while. If you have given up on treatment altogether, the situation may leave you down and discouraged.

Take heart: There are good reasons to try again. First, you're not alone. As many as 7.5 million Americans deal with the challenges of psoriasis, and many of them have learned what you're about to discover: It doesn't need to keep you from living the life you want. The key is to work with your doctor to create a personal treatment plan, and then stick to it. As for coping emotionally, know that there's help and support available'from family and friends; support groups; and, if needed, mental-health professionals.

For people with psoriasis, the future holds lots of promise. While there's no cure yet, evolving treatments can improve your symptoms or even send them into remission. Just don't give up. With patience and persistence, you may be able to control your psoriasis and get back the life you want.

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