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Finding happiness

Depression can strike even the funniest and most beautiful stars. How three well-known celebs overcame their debilitating sadness

Deborah Pike Olsen

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'I exercised and ate right'
Paige Hemmis, carpenter on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Her journey: "It's like someone turned the lights off and I was going through the motions in the dark. I couldn't sleep, was exhausted all the time and was gaining all this weight'finally, I went to the doctor to get help with sleep. The doctor said, "You are experiencing signs of depression." At first, I thought, Me? No, I smile'but inside I was sad all the time. It was so hard for me to get up in the morning.'
Treatment: "Little things helped, like exercising, eating right, medication, talk therapy." Paige attended biweekly therapy sessions for six months and took antidepressants.

'Therapy helped me regain my love for life'
Hugh Laurie, actor, comedian, musician

His journey: "I used to cling to my sadness, "cause that was a state that I knew. I still remember when I realized that I had a problem. I was at a stock car race for charity in the East End, but in the middle of the race, with all those cars roaring and running around'life, death and so on, my boredom hit me right in the face. And I thought, This is not good. Either I should hate it, or I should love it, but I cannot remain indifferent, because it is an extreme experience. I realized that my attitude was the very one of a depressive.'
Treatment: "I started therapy because I realized that I had lost my love for life.'

'Medication saved my life"
Rosie O'Donnell, comedian, actress

Her journey: "After the Columbine massacre, I couldn't stop crying. I stayed in my room. The lights were off. I couldn't get out of bed."
Treatment: "I started taking medication'. It saved my life." Rosie also practices yoga and "inversion therapy," in which she hangs upside down in a swing for 15 to 30 minutes a day.
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