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Articles > I made my psoriatic arthritis pain go poof!

I made my psoriatic arthritis pain go poof!

When magician Robert Smith found relief after years of debilitating pain and stiffness, he says, _It was like a month of Christmas mornings!_

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These days, Albuquerque magician Robert Smith says his biggest challenge is keeping up with his active toddler, Nathan. Yet not long ago, picking up his magic wand, let alone Nathan, was nearly impossible. Because of joint pain, Robert's fingers and toes were nearly unbendable.

It started with foot pain that forced Robert to sit down on the shower floor. Still, he didn't link his soreness with the mild psoriasis he occasionally had. But over time Robert's condition worsened. One of his fingers became hot, red and swollen. Despite splinting it before bed, he'd wake up screaming from pain. Mornings, his whole body was so achy, he needed two hours just to shower and dress. Robert pressed on, building his career and marrying wife, Sara. But the sleepless nights and nagging soreness took their toll.

'It was up to me to fight" Aware he needed a new outlook, Robert began noting the good things that happened each day: "I slept through the night without having pain. I was able to get the dishes done. Those were "wins" for me. Positives I could build on. And I realized for the first time in years that I could climb out of the hole."

Feeling hopeful, Robert saw a rheumatologist, who diagnosed him with psoriatic arthritis and prescribed methotrexate. But a year later, he wasn't satisfied with the results and discussed alternatives with his rheumatologist.

'I could wiggle my fingers again!'
When the couple relocated, Robert found a new doctor, who suggested a biologic medication. Not long after starting it, he woke up one night to find he could now grasp the bathroom doorknob.
'I turned the light on and woke up Sara," Robert recalls. "It was 4 am and I was wiggling my fingers at her. Look, look! Do you see what I'm doing?!"

Once he could move without pain, Robert began working out. Presto-chango! Off went the 30 pounds he'd gained due to forced inactivity. His magic act changed, too. "For a long time, I had to stop the sleight of hand I do in my act. My joints wouldn't bend. But now I can do 99% of anything I want to do.'

'Build on one success at a time" To give back for all of his blessings, Robert offers his act free to children's hospitals near every venue where he performs. He's also started a website, findyourwin.com, where he urges others to find their win.

'People with chronic pain may struggle just to get out of bed each day. But if you manage it and that's your "win," that's a big deal. Building on one small success at a time can get momentum going your way. And with a disease like this, tomorrow could be the day you go into remission!'
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