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  • Back pain that

    I had persistent back pain

  • Pain

    2 days ago i was getting out of the tub and i had severe back pain that put me in the floor my daughter had to call an ambulance to take me to the Hospital my fibro has flaired up so bad that i can hardly walk. I am going to ...

  • Fibromyalgia pain and depression

    Hello everyone I haven't heard from anyone in awhile my fibromyalgia is pain is coming back now that weather is gloomy and my depression flared up earlier I tried my hardest to take my thoughts to another place yay it worked ...

  • Frustrated

    My doctor just refuses to send me to a Neurologist due to my severe back pain. He has agreed to another MRI but wants me to contact and look up a website called
    I have also been suffering with a lot of trou...

  • Prayers please

    Today I awoke with severe back pain , soon I go before the judge for my disability this is my third time, please keep me in prayer I must control my crying episodes and give it all to God. Back pain,migraines,leg pain neck a...

  • August 20, 2015

    Woke up with enormous back pain. I have to be at the VA hospital at 7:30 am this morning for Pops lung biopsy. Prayers for my Pops would really be appreciated.

  • August 19, 2015

    Made trip to Ohio today. Having a lot of back pain due to over doing it on Monday. When will I learn?

  • Pain

    I awoke with so much pain in my muscles and joints stiffness and back pain.. Took my Norco and hope to have some relief . I was so fatigued yesterday and did not go to my Aquatic Therapy session. Please dear God I pray for le...

  • Back Ache

    Woke up with lower back pain. Can't hardly walk.

  • back pain

    bulging discs and working with fibro. I keep refusing meds after almost 30 years of this! I hide my tears often. I just want to dance and golf again Yoga and physio have been my go to . now on tramadol along with my epilepsy ...