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LDN is helping me :)

Posted by rdh-mi 3 years ago

I started low dose naltrexone and I am feeling less deep muscle pain. Today was the first day that I was able to get up from bed and not have the needle pains in my feet! I have had more stamina these last few days. It has not stopped all my issues but it is a start. I am also reading the Grain Brain book and the books written by Robert Brill MBA. My new Dr. is doing a whole bunch of blood work. 11 vials for the start of his treatment....I can't imagine what its going to cost me. But if he can get me back to work and enjoying life it will be worth it. He believes food allergies have really made all my symptoms worse. I guess based on my new reading I am starting to believe it too. I see him in two weeks to discuss the and Grain Brain book and the results of the blood work. Checking on my lyme, ebstein- barr, thyroid,and a bunch of other stuff. I will let you know how I'm doing and what the tests show. Keep looking for doctors that think whole body help not just symptom by symptom. I believe Dr. Clauwe from U of M when he says fibro is real and controlled by the central nervous system (CNS) I will continue to look for help. I want my life back I am to young to sit home weak and depressed. I loved being a dental hygienist and I want my professional life and personal life back. Praying for all of us that suffer. Share what's working please because I am going to try everything I can .Thanks.
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