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Posted by chrisfl 3 years ago

I have been out of work for a year now. At 47 I feel to young to feel this tired and this old. I have been seeing doctor's for three years now due to all the symptoms that have built up. At first I wasn't connecting them because I have always had allergies and asthma and I had a shegella infection as a kid and hypoglycemia so stomach problems went with the allergies. But now I'm thinking it May be Fibromyalgia because of the tender spots and the neuropathy and the breathing problems and headaches. I live near Minneapolis St Paul area and am wondering if there are any doctor's who specialize in testing for Fibromyalgia up here?
Asthma Allergy Fibromyalgia Difficulty Breathing Headache Hypoglycemia Fatigue Neuropathy Upset Stomach
  • Posted by 1hockeymom 3 years ago

    Good luck finding someone. It doesn't seem like anyone wants to treat all of you only bits and pieces. I have started self treating myself for some of my fibro things. I take magnesium vitamin D and a vitamin B complex. I seem to get the most relief from this. I have Botox injections for the migraines. I was on Lyrica but that just made me swell up and made me gain 25 lbs. I had indigestion and heartburn so bad I quit taking it. Then I went onto Cymbalta. That seems to be ok. Seeing an osteopath doctor. I just started with that. So time will tell how that goes. Also going to physical therapy. That seems to help with the pain issues too. Take change of your care. If you don't like how they handle your situation find someone else.
  • Posted by 1hockeymom 3 years ago

    Oh one more thing. They sent me to a specialist and all he said was yes you have fibromyalgia. I asked him for some guidance and he said exercise. I got more out of my GP than that guy. What a joke. And that was part of the Mayo system.
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