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I battle with hypothyroid, low

Posted by aubrei-alanya 2 years ago

I battle with hypothyroid, low vit b12 , fibromyalgia , chronic fatigue, weight gain, degenerative disc, heiatal hernia. Cervical spine fusion, SI joint fusion. Lower back and leg spasms. IBS Diabetes 2. Rectecele repair hysterectomy ooophrectomy kidney stones slow metabolism. Lots of medication allergies and intolerances on disability due to severe restrictions on lifting twisting turning bending
Allergy Diabetes Mellitis (Type II) Fibromyalgia Hernia Hypothyroidism Kidney Stones Hysterectomy Fluid Retention Low Back Pain Muscle Cramps Weight Gain Diabetes Fatigue Irritable Bowel Syndrome Back Surgery B12 Disability
  • Posted by jobach913 2 years ago

    I suffer too with hypothyroidism low B12 I take the shots fybromyalgia muscle cramps, broke my hips without falling. One hip is pin and plated the other is a total hip. I use awalker to get around. Recently my sister who looks after me She has three decompressed vertebrae. Her legs are numb. I live in an assisted living but do most things on my own there are older workers here and they think you can do it yourself. If I need help I can ring my light. But they don't like you to ring it at all.
  • Posted by crissy 2 years ago

    That's so sad my friend please always know that you can give it all to God you are LOVED take it one day at a time!
  • Posted by kansas 2 years ago

    My daughter worked in an assisted living facility and after a year she couldn't take it anymore. The residents loved her but she was appalled at the way other RA's treated them. They pay $5000 monthly but if they can't or don't want to eat in the dining room they are charged $5 for an aid to walk it to their room.
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