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symptoms triggered again

Posted by consumed 2 years ago

I haven't written for so long cause I've been feeling so much better. Then 2weeks ago I decided to get some goat cheese and give it a try again. Never really got a definite on whether it bothers me or not. (Dairy eggs & chicken'd think is put 2n2 together) Well...long story short...hives, costo, enhanced allergy symptoms followed. Not sure if all this lowered my immunity but I got laryngitis just out of the blue and a day later hit with a stomach virus. This has made my costo nearly unbearable. Can't take any pain killers because I have nothing in my stomach. Oohh! I sure hope I've learned my lesson this time. It's so much more clear to me what fuels my costo. Allergies. Meds. Being sick.
Allergy Pain Upset Stomach sick
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