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Posted by ephram-abdiaziz 2 years ago

my AIC is 7.3 dr wants to put me on Juaniva in addition to metformin and glimperide, I have read all the side effects and afraid to try - what do you think?
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  • Posted by user1372989346 2 years ago

    Literature suggests that pancreatitis is rare. You should not take jauvia if you have already had a bout of pancreatitis, because it's more likely to reoccur. I had the same doubts when I first started it too!
  • Posted by kansas 2 years ago

    Your body...your choice.
  • Posted by chief 2 years ago

    Everyone of course reacts differently to medications. The doctor pets vibes januvia and I got very sick. I could not tolerate it. I was then given humalog and lantus. And handled them ok. If you want to try then do so but if you have a negative experience do not just suck it up. Their are so many medications to choose Let the doctor know. Do not suffer.
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