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Posted by jenniferjo94551 2 years ago

i have type 1 diabetes and have had it for 45 years. Also RA. Experiencing all of the bad stuff one can get later in life with these conditions.
Diabetes Mellitis (Type II) Rheumatoid Arthritis Diabetes
  • Posted by chuck43063 2 years ago

    I have had it for 37 years myself. But this is a good group if your looking for support. I always try to stay in the positive mode myself and it has worked good for me so far. I do wish you the best with this rotten battle. :)
  • Posted by chuck43063 2 years ago

    And I also thank "God" everyday :)
  • Posted by kansas 2 years ago

    I was diagnosed in 1966...50 years coming up soon. In 2012 I was the recipient of a kidney and a pancreas transplant. I've had a few problems now and then...hospitalizations for UTI, asthma/pneumonia/shingles...I also have an excellent medical support group starting with my Primary Care office next door to my house (literally). Wishing you both the motto is: Knowledge is power...Attitude is everything...a happy heart is good medicine.
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