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Posted by ppms-fibro 2 years ago

I stopped working last July. Filed for disability. I'm awaiting a court date now. MS issues with fibro, with anxiety & depression, I'm not the same person I once was. I still have swelling issues that have now gone up to my thigh with pain. I have two aunts who have thyroid problems and one cousin, one of those aunts has diabetes and another cousin has diabetes and I have an aunt who has leg clots. Needless to say, if I knew my father I could probably get a better guess. I did contact my dr and I'm waiting for a response. Pic is from a wk ago.
Anxiety Diabetes Mellitis (Type II) Fibromyalgia Hypothyroidism Anxiety Depression Pain Diabetes Multiple Sclerosis Swelling Disability Depression
  • Posted by ppms-fibro 2 years ago

    well, my dr is on vacation, on call dr said to make an appointment...go figure!
  • Posted by crissy 2 years ago

    Hope you can get in to see a doctor soon it can be agonizing but be persistent ...I am going through alot of same issues fibro, pain, thyroid now I'm wondering if I have MS I have all the symptoms
  • Posted by crissy 2 years ago

    Oh almost forgot I have disability court date coming up also I been waiting 4 years plus ...
  • Posted by ppms-fibro 2 years ago

    Ugg! 4 yrs! I may end up homeless if it takes that long. saw a dr this evening, have to go to the main hosp tomorrow for a leg ultrasound.
  • Posted by crissy 2 years ago

    I pray you don't have to wait as long and hope all goes well at your appointment.
  • Posted by bertrand-yeico 2 years ago

    Sorry to hear about your pain and how you're waiting on a disability court date, so I take it you've been turned down the 3 or 4 times before going before the judge. You stated that you suffer from depression, I hope you're getting meds for that (but not actually taking it on a daily basis) and seeing s psychologist on a regular and calling your disability case manager every day. The more you show how sincere your depression is the sooner you'll get to see the judge. Not sure what state you're in but some states will approve you faster that they will for anything else because they feel that you are suicidal.
  • Posted by kansas 2 years ago

    Again. This is a federally run program. States don't make these decisions
  • Posted by bertrand-yeico 2 years ago

    I just want to say this because everyone is entitled to their own opinion and until you have filed for disability and read up on what constitutes disability it doesn't matter what State you live in and just because you say it's a federally ran program and that the states don make those decisions you'll still be wondering what can be done to help you get what you need. That's what's wrong now many people want to have an input and not fight , but they are always willing to discourage others just because it didn't turn out right or them. I've bee approved for disability and that's all that matters and I didn't give up.
  • Posted by crissy 2 years ago

    Rite on to your post! Bertrand -yeico! I'm with you! I won't give up! I'm waiting on my approval letter now!
  • Posted by bertrand-yeico 2 years ago

    Crissy, keep waiting and keep calling the person handling your case and make sure you keep saying ok where are we now and let them know that you'll be calling back every other day. I called in 2-3 times a week. When I started my claim I lived in Georgia, I had an attorney that did nothing for me. I moved back to MO and disability services sent me a letter from my attorney stating that he had dropped my case and waived his fees. I proceeded with out an attorney and I informed the judge when she asked me if I wanted an attorney and I told her no because I did all of his work any way and if she didn't believe me that should could call the person in GA who handled my case at the beginning.... KEEP THE FIGHT AND DON'T GIVE UNT.... i'M STANDING WITH YOU. Keepe me informed.
  • Posted by crissy 2 years ago

    I will keep you informed and yes I been through this twice before but this time I know in my heart its in my favor ! For now waiting on my letter ....
  • Posted by bertrand-yeico 2 years ago

    You have to be turned down 3 times and then the 4th time you go before the judge..... I'll keep you in my prayers and that all will work out on your behalf.
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