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Posted by simcha-augie 2 years ago

I have so much excess weight. That is my #1 health challenge. My diabetes, also, has progressed so much so, that my doctor has suggested I see an endocrinologist and a nephrologist. My most recent microalbumin test showed an elevated number. MY sister-in-law recently had her leg amputated. So, needless to say I am feeling frighted by this is progressively negative health experience.But, as we all must, I will journey on. How is it going for you? I would be delighted to hear and share.
Diabetes Mellitis (Type II) Diabetes
  • Posted by acey-ndreyah 2 years ago

    Simcha, I So sorry to hear about your situation! I do not have diabetes, but I have been diagnosed with Intestinal Cystitis , better known as IC. It is a very painful bladder disease. I also have Fibro, hypertension, and some other heart issues. I do not believe that one day passes by where I am not in some kind of pain. Through it all, though, my faith helps me to be strong, and to hope and pray that things will get better. I try to eat right, do whatever little exercise I can, mainly water aerobics, and to keep a positive attitude. I will keep u in my prayers and hopes that your situation Blessed!
  • Posted by user1411573487 2 years ago

    I also have type 11 and a weight issue. I try to eat right but I eat too much to shed the pounds. I also have arthritis which makes exercise difficult and the excess weight makes this worse. I just keep plugging away and hope that today will be better than yesterday.
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