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Posted by lium-rylend 2 years ago

Hello. I am 51 years old and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 17 years ago. It took a few years to get the right combination of medications, but my FM was fairly well managed until the last couple of years. I am seeing an orthopedic Dr. that specialized in the spine. At first I started seeinghim for my neck which was bulging discs.Then I started have severe mid-back pain. He recommended epidural injections. Which he thought may, or may not, have been started from the FM. Now I am back seeing him for my sacral pain. He has ordered another MRI, but really think it is the FM and suggests that regardless of what we find from the MRI, that I see a rheumatologist or neurologist for the FM, instead of my family doctor.
I have migraines, high blood pressure, a fast heartbeat(tachycardia), anxiety, insomnia, digestive problems, and was diagnosed a year ago with Diabetes.
I am not a sit down person. I like keeping busy and this is very depressing having all these problems. I really need someone to talk to about all this that isn't making a diagnosis or ready to write me a script.
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  • Posted by aterina-tephani 1 year ago

    I totally get the pain issue and depression that comes with it. And having people not blieve me because I "look ok." I have daily migraines and fibro. Have u tried nucynta for the fibro? It's the only thing that helps me with that pain. I only use it when in really bad pain bcause it makes me tired and I sweat like a pig. Also I hate to mix meds and I take imitrex daily. But u might want to give it a try if it doesn't interfere w/ ur other meds. U can take it once a day or every 6 hours (which works for me since I don't want it in my system all the time).
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